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Society Events by DecadeLinked albums that allow photographs of events to be viewed based on the years embedded in their link-words.
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Society Events in the UK by VenueLinked albums that allow photographs of events to be viewed based on the venue names in their link-words. This selection covers venues in the UK.
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Society Overseas Trips by DestinationLinked albums that allow photographs of events to be viewed based on the venue names in their link-words. This selection covers Society trips to destinations outside the UK.
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Society Meetings


The Society's regular monthly meetings usually involve talks given either by members or by visiting speakers, but sometimes they involve workshops, quizes or dramatic presentations. (Link-word "Meetings")

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Community Outreach Events


A core part of the Society's mission is to bring astronomy out into the community. From time to time the Society holds events either for specific groups like schools, or for the general public. (Link-word "Outreach")

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Observing Activities


The Society organises a variety of activities where members get together to do practical astronomy. These include Observing Evenings, Imaging sessions and Deep Sky camps. (Link-word "Observing")

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Society Trips and Outings


The Society has, over the years, organised trips to many places of astronomical and cosmological interest. (Link-word "Outings")

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Social Activities


The Society holds occasional social events, where members gather simply to share a meal or enjoy a social activity with no particular astronomical purpose. (Link-word "Social")

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Anniversaries and Celebrations


On special occasions the Society holds big celebratory events, These events are often open to the public, and range from the fairly formal Kenn Budd Memorial Lectures to big public events like Universe Day.
(Link-word "Celebration")

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Last additions - Society Events
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CaroleMay 18, 2024
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Random files - Society Events
High Elms 2009 exhibitionCarole
Stairs farm in February sub zero temperatures Carole
OAS 40th Anniversary Event 16-10-2021, Greg enjoying the pyrotechnicsRoy
The Heart of a New World 12Roy
Outreach Events display at the 40th AnniversaryAndrewR