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The Moon


The Moon has been a target for astrophotograpy for as long as there have been astrophotographers. (Link-word "Moon")

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The Sun


Recently narrow-band filters have made direct imaging of the Sun a possibility, but traditional imaging using projection still has a place. (Link-word "Sun")

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Eclipses, Transits and Occultations


Solar and Lunar eclipses are among the most spectacular and photogenic events. Lunar occultations can also be fascinating spectacles. Transits of the inner planets Mercury and Venus are rare events, and always worth recording. (Link-word "Eclipse")

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Aurorae and Atmospheric Phenomena


Very occasionally aurorae are seen as far south as Orpington. Other interesting atmospheric phenomena such as noctilucent clouds, parhelia and halos may be seen. (Link-word "Aurora")

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The Lunar Eclipse 21 Jan 2019 - Super Blood Red Wolf Moon!DuncanJan 25, 2019

Random files - Sun and Moon
Transit of VenusFay
The Sun in H-alphaFay
Lunar EclipseJonathan
The Moon, Total Eclipse Duncan
Solar eclipse from near Worcester 20th March 2015Kenny