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Messier Objects


Messier compiled his catalogue of objects to help him in his search for comets. The Messier Objects are favourite targets for deep-sky imaging, as they're mostly relatively bright and not too hard to find. (Link-word "Messier")

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Galaxies and Clusters


Large groups of stars can take many forms, and make fascinating subjects for deep-sky imaging. (Link-word "Galaxy")

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Recent developments in computer imaging and electronic image capture devices have made a huge difference to the detail and faintness of the Deep Sky objects amateurs can image. (Link-word "Nebula")

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Constellations and Star Fields


Many modern imaging techniques restrict the target to a very narrow field of view, but modern digital SLRs are now capable of capturing breathtaking wide-angle views like those captured on slide film in the past. (Link-word "Star")

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Last additions - Stars, Nebulae and Galaxies
CaroleAug 24, 2019
IC 5068 Emission Nebula in Cygnus, 1 August 2019, Manche, FranceDuncanAug 05, 2019
IC5146 The Cocoon Nebula in Cygnus, 2019-07-05 Manche (Different Framing)DuncanJul 10, 2019
M17 Omega/Swan Nebula 2019-07-05 Manche, FranceDuncanJul 05, 2019
M17 Omega/Swan Nebula 2019-07-05 Manche, FranceDuncanJul 05, 2019

Random files - Stars, Nebulae and Galaxies
Markarian's Chain 27-5-11Carole
The Lagoon NebulaCSuddell
M27 - The Dumbbell NebulaMike
M31 - The Andromeda GalaxyMarkS
Cocoon Nebula in Cygnus IC 5146Fay